vectis square

Minimalistic shape and color of frames which are made from solid aluminum, with white or black matt surface. The monolithic panel is lightened by a gentle lever that refers to historical switches. Fits perfectly into every type of interior design. 


vectis round

The same minimalistic, timeless design in a round version. Now you have a choice between a stricter rectangle shape or soft lane of ROUND series. 



ISD International Switch Development is a company with 15 years of experience in the electrotechnical industry. From 2008 we specialize in the sale of electrotechnical equipment, including switches and sockets. Besides sales, our profile is strict cooperation with interior designers and advice on selection of our products.


During years we cooperated with companies such as Italian AVE, GI GAMBARELLI, FEEL. Since 2012 we started collaboration with Czech manufacturer OBZOR, for which our company is the exclusive distributor for the Polish market.

From distribution to production is not far away – in 2019 an idea was born to create our own lane of switches and sockets. And so, in 2020 our proprietary VECTIS and iTOUCH lanes had their premiere.


Our strength is a team of professionals who provide full help with selection of interior accessories and arrangements. We give technical support on the stage of projects and realizations. What we value the most is an individual approach to each client.


Latest inspirations, always on our Instagram - vectis_switch

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ISD Łukasz Szymański implements a project co-financed by European Funds “Promotion of the Vectis and iTouch brand on the prospective market”